Room for the school to grow is how this campaign began. Over the years, the St. Richard’s Episcopal School community has dreamed of having more space to learn, experiment, meet, and play. With the acquisition of property to the east on 33rd Street and to the south on Meridian Street, the school now has the space to transform the land and build the facilities that will allow our students room to explore.

The school’s campus expansion plan will allow us to stay true to the promise of providing students with “knowledge and values for a lifetime.” New and expanded areas will allow the school’s faculty and staff to better teach and nurture our students.

5 properties on Meridian Street, including the joint acquisition of the Atkinson.

Building with Trinity Episcopal Church. Brick house next to the 33rd Street playground.

Remediation, demolition, and grating of all properties.

Temporary beautification initiative.


Two Pre-Kindergarten classrooms.

Two Junior-Kindergarten classrooms.

Flex space for additional classroom and learning opportunities.


State of the art science classrooms.

State of the art laboratory space.

Creative space for the arts.

Improve south campus drop off and pick up lane.

Create exit directly to Meridian Street for northbound traffic.

Create exit to 32nd Street for Meridian Street southbound traffic.

Create an additional 90 parking spots.

Integrate native Indiana trees and plants into the landscape of the school.

Installation of five stone pillars and perimeter fencing.

Installation of signature signage at 32nd and Meridian Streets.

33 East 33rd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205